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cabelingCabling and networking are the life blood for most companies today. We realize the importance of your infrastructure to support the latest technologies and understand that it is critical to know your system is not going to fail for your customers. Double T Cable is here to ensure that everything works just as it should, continually.

We specialize in the installation of voice, data, and wireless applications for both new builds and upgrades of existing sites. Double T Cable provides qualified technicians, superior customer service, reliability and competency to execute on a large scale, and overall ability to be flexible and work with the consumers schedules.

At each project we take the time to accommodate the customer and work around their very busy schedule so we don't interrupt their business. When working in customer service areas, we work on the network during non-peak times insuring minimum down time for your customers.

Projects are completed to our high standard, including the highest quality work obtainable. The entire network will be qualified and tested after completion to verify integrity and ensure that we have met all company and customer expectations.

Upon completion of every project we complete a walk through and educate the customer on the location of all equipment and all other aspects of the assignment. We provide the services that ensure a customer is more than satisfied long after the installation is complete.