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Our employees are the most important part of our company. When joining Double T Cable, you will be part of a team that looks out for your best interests. We respect our employees and continually provide opportunities to improve your skills personally and professionally.

We are committed to three basic principles for our employees, which result in our success and theirs:

employmentRewarding work. We are in a challenging and technically advancing business which provides our employees with the opportunity to continually grow in their career while making rewarding and fair wages. We work to create a job that makes the world a better place, allowing our employees to work towards shared goals, and doing so while operating within our core values.

Achieving Goals. Together we clearly define what the goals are and make a fair playing field. We listen to our employees and give them the information they need to be properly empowered.

Supporting each other. We congratulate and award our employees by focusing on the accomplishments they make and when a problem arises, working together to find a positive solution.

Double T Cable is seeking both experienced CATV installers, as well as non experienced people
who are mechanically inclined and eager to begin their career in this exciting industry.


An Installation Technician's primary responsibility includes installing cable TV from the pole/pedestal to the customers home, installing needed equipment at the side of the house, installation of interior outlets and connections of all customer premise equipment. The technician will also perform service upgrades, downgrades, installation and disconnection of High Speed Internet (HSI) service, and installation of digital phone service (VoIP). Also required is troubleshooting a customers system in order to isolate, repair and service related problems. Educating customers on how to properly operate the services installed is also a fundamental part of this position.

Customer service is the key to our success! This being said, only people committed to making a difference and providing outstanding customer service will be considered.


Double T Cable looks for people with a positive outlook who takes pride in a job well done. Additional requirements include:

  • A clean driving record.
  • Ability to pass a drug test and background check.
  • Able to work outside year round.
  • Able to carry and set-up an 80 pound, 28 foot extension ladder.
  • Being comfortable with heights.
  • Be able to effectively use hand tools and hand power tools.
  • Willing to work long days and weekends when necessary.
  • Be a highly motivated person with attention to detail.
  • Be organized, well groomed and punctual.
  • Good oral and written communication skills.
  • Prior customer service is an advantage.

Are you ready to begin an exciting career in the telecommunications industry and are able to meet our requirements? Fill our our employment application and fax (806-687-3079) or bring it to Double T Cable.