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To preserve the integrity and profitability of Double T Cable Services, Inc., employees are prohibited from engaging in activities that compete or conflict with those of the company. As a general rule, employees are prohibited from working for, or on behalf of competitors, or clients of the company.

If you, your spouse, or “significant other” has, or enters into, a relationship with a competitor or client of the company that creates or potentially creates a conflict of interest, you are required to notify your supervisor. Double T Cable Services, Inc. reserves its right to terminate your employment should it be determined there is an actual or potential conflict under the circumstances.


The undersigned employee hereby agrees not to directly or indirectly compete with the business of Double T Cable Services, Inc. and its successors and assigns during the period of employment or for a period of 1 year following termination of employment and not withstanding the cause or reason for termination.

The term “not compete” as used herein shall mean that the employee shall not own, manage, operate, consult to or be employed in a business substantially similar to, or competitive with, the present business of Double T Cable Services, Inc. or such other business activity in which Double T Cable Services, Inc. may substantially engage during the term of employment.

The Employee acknowledges that Double T Cable Services, Inc. shall or may in reliance of this agreement provide Employee Access to trade secrets, customers, other confidential data and good will. Employee agrees to retain said information as confidential and not to use said information on his or her behalf or disclose same to any third party.

This non-compete agreement shall extend only for a radius of 300 miles from the present location of Double T Cable Services, Inc. and shall be in full force and effect for 1 year commencing with the date of employment

This agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties, their successors, assigns, and personal representatives.

A signature below in no way states or implies that there is a written employment contract between you and Double T Cable Services, Inc. Your employment is not guaranteed for any specified length of time. You have the right to terminate your employment with or without cause and Double T Cable Services, Inc., reserves the right to terminate employees with or without cause.